What happened to us?


Image courtesy of Dil Spitz

The Open Seas Project (OSP) has been dormant for a while but thanks to a renewed interest from key SL residents such as Tasha Kostolany, we are now encouraged to revitalize the group. We have a couple of ideas we want to work on to help spreading our message around. Here’s what:

  • Creating this web site to improve our communication on how to be an OSP volunteer and spread information for land owners on how to can keep waterways free of obstacles.
  • Leveraging social networks to spread information about the group.
  • Having a forum to discuss specific issue and increase communication among group members.
  • Creating a network of kiosks to be distributed to interested parties. The kiosk will display rotating posters with an invite to join our group. For the past 3 years I have been using the SasTech’s kiosk system for 3 networks with excellent results. The system uses a central server as a repository of all the posters that will be displayed on the networked kiosks and can deliver notecards as well as objects. Thus, by updating information from one single location we can easily distribute up-to-date information.
  • Creating partnerships with relevant SL organizations and yacht clubs.

As a first step, I have asked Rear Admiral Tig Spijkers of the Second Life Coast Guard (SLCG) if they were willing to sponsor our group. What better group could be a partner and sponsor of the OSP? The idea is to have an OSP kiosk at each SLCG station. Next step will be to have a kiosk at every yacht club and other interested organizations.

I am happy to announce that the SLCG has officially agreed to sponsor the OSP. I believe this partnership is a perfect match for a collaboration on improving the nautical conditions in Second Life.

If you have any suggestion please share it in the forum.