How You Can Help

The Open Seas Project (OSP) is a Second Life group dedicated to inform and educate residents of the importance of keeping waterways open for the enjoyment of everyone. The purpose of the OSP is to inform and educate these residents on how to minimize the effect obstacles and ban lines have on nautical activities and to encourage them about keeping waterways navigable. Being involved in the OSP is a way to be of service to the nautical community of Second Life and improve the quality of the Second Life experience.

How you can help

  • Join our group and help spreading information to land owners who block waterways. We need your support!
  • When you find properties blocking the passage of boats by means of ban lines, or with anything else blocking the waterway, check to see who the owner of the land is and drop a copy of the OSP’s Info for land owners notecard to them.
  • If you happen to talk to the land owner directly please be polite, don’t be aggressive and don’t get into arguments. Remember that we want this person’s collaboration. Some people are simply not aware that their actions are blocking a waterway.
  • If you have a public place frequented by the Second Life nautical community, please place one or more of our kiosks. Best places are yacht clubs, mooring areas, public rezz areas, ports, etc. To get a kiosk, please send an IM inworld to Indigo Mertel.
  • Support our project by spreading the word among Second Life residents, the nautical community, yacht club operators, sailing organizations and any other organization that may be interested in sponsoring our activity.
  • Wear the group tag at sailors’ events, races, yacht clubs.
  • Rezz a kiosk at public events.
  • File a hazard report when you find an obstacle.
  • Let us know your suggestions, your attempts to get land owners to cooperate, your successes and even failures. Failures are an incentive to improve.
  • Every member of the group has the group permissions to invite other people to join. Please use it.

How we operate

You can either join our group or just help occasionally when you find a blocked waterway. If you want to join our group please go to one of our kiosks ( click here for a list of locations ) and click on it. You’ll receive a Volunteer Kit and a message in chat with a link to join our group. If you want to help without being a group member, you can still get all the information you need from one of our kiosks. Go to one of the kiosks ( click here for a list of locations ) and click it to get our kit.

Inside our Volunteer Kit you’ll find a notecard named Info for land owners, The Open Seas Project (followed by a version number). When you find a blocked waterway, identify the land owner. When the land is deeded to a group, as it is in most cases, try to identify the group founder or most active group officer. Once you have identified the right person, send our “Information for land owners” notecard and a brief message explaining the problem.

It is important to note that the tone of our notecard is informative and polite. We do not harass people so that they comply to our needs, our purpose is to inform in hope that the land owner understands that his/her action is affecting other Second Life residents. For this reason, it is very important that you always approach land owners politely and avoid discussions.

In some cases, the land owner may not be aware that he/she is blocking the waterway or that there is an active nautical community in Second Life, thus bear that in mind when contacting the land owner. Be helpful for any inquiry the land owner may have. Address him/her to this web site if they want to have more information on our group.

Take into account that you may have to deal with aggressive reactions. When it happens keep calm and avoid getting involved in a heated debate. Take into consideration that the land owner may file an abuse report to Linden Lab in retaliation just because they were disturbed by your action (yes, unfortunately there is people like this).

Many parcels are practically abandoned. The land owner may have stopped all activities in Second Life or be sporadically active. It is ok to send the notecard to the land owner more than once, but before you do it give plenty of time to take into account land owners who may log into Second Life sporadically. If you don’t get an answer after a couple of attempts, stop sending the notecard and try after a couple of months.


See this page:


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